September 14, 2019

Karl & Tracy

Southern New England BoHo Wedding

Southern New England BoHo Wedding! A new Website means I can actually start blogging again! Yay! In honor of my new abilities I wanted to first share one of my all time favorite weddings. Karl & Tracy from 2019 in Rochester, MA. Why was this one of my favorite weddings? So many reasons. The style for one was beautiful. BoHo chic and it was at an airport in the middle of the woods! Seriously an airport surrounded by corn fields in southern New England is amazing. Now what is BoHo you might ask? BoHo stands for Bohemian wedding. It’s a very earthy romantic feeling accented by nature. They also had their dog Lloyd as part of the day which is simply the best. Top it all off Karl & Tracy happen to be two of my favorite people. Ever. I love them. Enjoy this gallery and as always much love,


Dress: Lillian West

Flowers: Hope Millham

Hair: Chelsea Amaral

Venue: Arch At The Meadow

Photographer: D.A. Neitz Photography