July 22, 2019

Deve & Ali

Block Island Engagement

In my line of work you meet so many amazing people. I’m lucky like that. When I met Deve (Dave) and Ali it was as if I had just run into some long lost friends. We just clicked, we had similar senses of humor and an overall similar outlook on life and love. It was awesome. So when they asked me to come to Block Island to do their engagement session I jumped at the chance to party on the infamous island. Now mind you I don’t “Party” in the typical sense but they sure did. Wandering along the beach we ran into many many people who offered them drinks and shots. One family even gave them a bottle of champagne that they gladly accepted. I then had them climb 5 flights of stairs to the top of the cliff to gracefully pour the a fore mentioned champagne into Deves mouth. It was epic. Enjoy.