My name is David. You can call me David, Davey, or D.A. just don't call me Dave. The "A" in D.A. stands for Ashley, it's my middle name.

David Ashley Neitz.

Much Love

i am one of the lucky ones. i meet the most amazing people and spend my creative energy to document their love.

Southern New England Wedding Photographer

David A. Neitz

A little about me; I love your Dog even though we have never met. Truth be told, I love all animals so much. They are pure in every sense. Yes, even spiders. I've been to every state in the USA except for Alaska. I went to College for 12 years because I think learning is fun. I've never had a cup of coffee in my life. I have a bunch of tattoos, just don't ask to touch them. That's weird. I watch Point Break as often as possible. I also fall asleep to The Ricky Gervais Show every night. If you have never watched an episode, do yourself a favor and watch it sometime.

I live in New Bedford, MA which is the home of Moby Dick. It's located between Boston and Newport which gives me easy access to both wedding hubs.




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