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Based out of Southern New England I have been lucky enough to travel the world documenting the love stories of some amazing souls. From New England to the United Kingdom I can be by your side to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Weddings are all unique. Couples are unique. I want your images and memories to be unique to you and your day. Represent who you are together.


New England

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From Boston, Massachusetts to Newport, Rhode Island and anywhere in between is where I call home. I am a New Englander. Pick a State, I'll be there. Want to travel to Iceland for your Engagement session? I am in. Want to climb Mount Washington for some epic views? I'm game. Wander the backbay in Boston? Deal. Hike the Cliffwalk in Newport? Just say the word.


engagements are just practice for your wedding day. have fun with it, relax and enjoy.

I have traveled all over the globe to document love. Where do you want to go? Let's wander, talk about life, love and fruit pies. Have a dog? Even better! Please know that I will be forever in your debt if you bring him/her along for the ride.

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